Hi, I'm Clay



I grew up in Arlington and have lived in both Dallas and Fort Worth. I earned my degree in Communication Technology from The University of Texas at Arlington and focused on my love of graphic design, web design and development and photography on the west side of campus while I studied business and marketing on the east side of campus. Much like my education, my character has two sides; a creative, personable, and easy-going side and a rational, calculative, and analytical side. With these traits I can adjust and adapt to better relate and communicate with the specific individual with whom I am working.

I work continuously investing in my own education. I love learning about related industries and pulling knowledge from different fields to help me provide value in my own field. I enjoy the process of information gathering and informed decision making. I work to constantly provide more value within the marketplace.

My commitment is always to the interests of my clients. I believe in building quality relationships with people and earning their trust through action.

I provide my clients with detailed information about market trends and values, neighborhoods, schools, and community services. My resources within the industry are endlessly valuable to both me and my clients. Having lenders, inspectors, and other industry resources with parallel values to mine aid in making transactions stress-free and smooth.


In May of 2012 I married my lovely wife, Carly. In spring of 2019 we adopted our Corgi, Rufus.


I enjoy golf, baseball, and performing dismally at fantasy football. I am deeply invested in the Texas Rangers on an emotional level. I hit the softball fields once a week to hold onto any bit of a dream to play baseball everyday. Further, I have a heavy interest in well designed items and technology and I am constantly on the lookout for the perfect pen.